"Celtic Pink Floyd fuses the best of both musical worlds"
"Murder" Marking our 10 year Anniversary, we tracked our version of the David Gilmour song.

Ken O'Malley - vocals, mandolin 
Brian Stout - vocals, fiddle, acoustic guitar, electric guitar 
Damon Stout - bass guitar, accordion, piano, mandolin, bones 
Forrest Robinson - bodhrán, drums 
Padraic Conroy - whistles

"The Wexford Carol" Our version of The Wexford Carol with Padraic Conroy on whistles.

Ken O'Malley - vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin 
Brian Stout - vocals, electric guitar 
Damon Stout - bass guitar, accordion, piano 
Forrest Robinson - vocals, bodhrán, drums, shaker 
Padraic Conroy - whistles

"Mad World" marks a first for CPF, covering a non Pink Floyd tune.. we are happy to have Ken O'Malley onboard as a member along with Forrest Robinson, and special guest Eric Rigler on pipes and whistle.

Ken O'Malley - vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Brian Stout - vocals, acoustic guitar, fiddle, electric guitar 

Damon Stout - vocals, bass guitar, accordion 
Forrest Robinson - vocals, bodhrán, djembe, shaker, clave, drums 
Eric Rigler - uilleann pipes, whistles

Damon Stout & Brian Stout created Celtic Pink Floyd toward the end of September 2010 and have had the distinct pleasure of working with a variety of talented producers and musicians throughout the CPF experience.
Accumulating a few Emmys® along the way, the Stout brothers started in music early on beginning with violin lessons around 3 years old, then piano, then to various brass and stringed instruments. CPF, as their most recent project, has met with favorable reviews and has spawned a mass of fans worldwide. Production info: www.StoutheartEntertainment.com
Ken O’Malley arrived in Los Angeles at the age of twenty and has been playing, singing, teaching and producing Celtic music ever since. Over the years Ken has played with the Molly Maguires, Blended Spirits, The Mulligans, Des Regan’s Irish Showband, the Twilight Lords and the Ne’er Duwels.
Throughout his career, he has appeared in feature films, television and many plays and stage productions. Ken is a valued historian of Irish music, history and culture and is in constant demand for his wealth of knowledge and experience. He is one of the best known tour guides to Ireland and leads several group trips annually to Ireland. Ken is looking forward to the new chapter that brings him into the Celtic Pink Floyd band and working with Forrest Robinson, Brian and Damon Stout and the great Eric Rigler.
Forrest Robinson  Born in 1970 in Memphis, TN, Forrest Robinson was raised in a musical family, in a music town. Citing Gospel, Blues, Funk, and Rhythm & Blues, as his earliest musical influences, he discovered he had an intense love for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal at age 12. At 15 years old, he was inspired to become a jazz musician after first hearing Quincy Jones’s version of “Killer Joe” years before, and then Sting’s debut solo record: “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles”. At 16 years old, Forrest’s deep interest in World Music began, after first hearing the voices and music of various regions of West Africa. At 19 years old, his love for Celtic music began and has only grown ever since. It was love at first listen. A few artists Forrest has performed with are TLC, Arrested Development, Angelique Kidjo, Utada Hikaru, and India.Arie, with whom his work has garnered 2 Grammy Awards, and 9 Grammy Nominations. He also works with Delta Deep, an “extreme blues” collaboration featuring Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, and Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert Deleo. Forrest is very excited to explore this wonderful new music chapter with Brian and Damon Stout, and longtime friend Ken O’Malley, as Celtic Pink Floyd
"Celtic Pink Floyd fuses the best of both musical worlds"